From small jobs to large commercial projects Nerang Bolts and Nuts can supply all your construction fasteners and hardware needs
Offering superior service, competitive pricing and expert technical support.
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  • Cyclone Rods
  • Starter Bars
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Tru Bolts
  • Screw Bolts


Screws – Wood, chipboard, Drywall, Machine, Decking, Self drilling, Metal and wood. Concrete screws

Stainless steel Fasteners – Hex bolts, Nuts, Set screws, Socket head, Cup head, Button head, Coach screws, Washers nuts, Spring washers

Nails – Bullet, Flat head, Clouts, Concrete, Timber deck

Drill Bits and accessories

Suttons Drills – Viper, Jobber, Masonry, Reduced shank, Long series, Multifit, Glass and tile, Spade,Augur

Hole saws, Mandrels, Hack saw blades, Electroplate diamond tipped,Step Drills,
Countersinking Bits


  • Bostik Seal N Flex
  • Bostik Ultraset
  • Gap sealant
  • Plumbers Sealant
  • Construction Adhesive